Energizer® Premium EFB

Gives you the perfect start into the entrance level of Start-Stop: If you own a vehicle with latest Start-Stop technology you know what is good for the environment. By reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption when the engine is switched off while stopping at traffic lights, you are driving the green way. To power a vehicle with entry level Start-Stop technology, your car needs to have the right battery: Energizer® Premium EFB!

Energizer® Premium EFB batteries are ideal for use in vehicles with standard Start-Stop functionality, ensuring that electrical devices continue to be reliably supplied with power while the engine is switched off and that the engine can be restarted in seconds when it’s time to pull away. They not only boast cyclic stability that’s twice that of conventional batteries, but also offer sustained performance levels even when discharged.

Benefits of Energizer® Premium EFB batteries at a glance:

  • EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology with unique polyester scrim
  • Twice as resistant to deep cycling as conventional starter batteries
  • Quicker charge recovery on the road thanks to superior charge capacity
  • Spill-proof to 55º
  • Longer service life
  • Maintenance-free

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