Energizer® Premium batteries with AGM technology

The unique construction of an AGM battery, which stores the acid in a glass mat and can therefore make considerably better use of the cell volumes, can easily manage heavy use exceeding 4,500 watts. It combines the characteristics of a high-performance starter battery with those of a supply battery, guaranteeing constant energy supply when other batteries have already reached their limit. Its exceptional cyclic stability and recharging capabilities, which are twice as fast as conventional batteries, also guarantee individual mobility in stationary use as well as in urban and short-distance driving.

Construction of Energizer® Premium batteries with AGM technology.

  • AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat
  • The electrolyte is held firmly inside the highly absorbent micro glass mat
  • Ensures even acid distribution and prevents stratification
  • The high pressure to which the electrode set is subjected ensures that the glass mat is spread evenly across the plate electrodes and held firmly against them, minimising loss of active material
  • Top-class performance, extremely high cyclic stability, high vibration resistance
  • The perfect solution for Start-Stop vehicles equipped with regenerative braking and lots of electrical devices