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Life is one long journey, and a car is your ticket to freedom. Nowhere else do you have such an intense feeling of freedom as behind the wheel. Every mile counts, be it country lanes or motorways. So experience unlimited liberation. Experience the open road with starter batteries from Energizer®

Batteries for Passenger Cars

Full power everytime. For every car. Energizer® Max, Energizer® Premium and Energizer®

AGM and EFB Batteries

Batteries for Commercial Vehicles

Ready for the challenge. Anytime. Energizer® Commercial batteries offer maximum power.

Energizer max commercial

Energizer® max
AGM technology

A battery to fulfil the highest demands in performance, service life and reliability in mid-range vehicles and SUVs, for example.

Energizer max AGM technology

Long Life

The technology produces a grid that is more corrosion-resistant and delivers more cranking power than other grid designs.

Long Life