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With the high number of electrical consumers in modern cars, conventional batteries are soon overworked. The Energizer® Premium AGM is an ideal match for vehicles featuring advanced Start-Stop technology with regenerative breaking (recuperation) to recover braking energy and additional fuel-saving technologies.

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. The electrolyte is held firmly inside the highly absorbent micro glass mat which makes for an even acid distribution and prevents acid stratification. The high pressure to which the glass mat is subjected ensures that the electrolyte is evenly spread across the plates and held firmly against them, minimising loss of plate surface.

To power a vehicle with entry level Start-Stop technology, the Energizer Premium EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is the battery of choice. In contrast to conventional flooded batteries, Energizer Premium EFB batteries feature a unique scrim. The scrim holds the active material in place inside the plate for a longer service life than conventional starter batteries.

The Energizer Premium, Energizer Plus and Energizer round off the portfolio of powerful batteries that cater to every energy need when Start-Stop is not an issue.

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