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The number of well-equipped trucks with lots of electronic consumers and comfort functions continues to grow, and with it the transport mileage.

With the ongoing trend of end-of-frame installation, batteries have to withstand the challenge of tough terrains by providing rock-solid vibration resistance.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that battery performance grows with the requirements.

Modern trucks must also comply with more stringent CO2 and safety regulations, both today and tomorrow. This is an important factor for fleets because only the latest battery technology is able to comply with the increasingly strict standards.

The increasing majority of freight transport is by road, calling for more trucks and thus more drivers.

But given the amount of time they spend in their vehicles; drivers today demand well equipped trucks with lots of comfort functions.

The Energizer Commercial vehicle batteries have what it takes to keep every commercial vehicle up and running. The product ranges offer the right choice for all areas of application, for all power requirements and cycle performance.

A modern truck's many consumers.

Vehicle technology is developing at a fast pace. For trucks alone, the number of electrical components and accessory equipment has increased drastically. In the past there was not much more than the ignition, the lighting, and the coffee machine. These days, batteries have to supply an increasingly large number of electrical components. Entertainment systems and addtional consumers are constantly drawing power even when the truck is not moving. And this trend is not exclusive to logistics. Demands have greatly increased in all commercial vehicles – from trucks and buses to construction vehicles.

Keeping up with high demands.

A truck battery's energy consumption can reach its peak even when using standard hotel functions. As drivers nowadays spend several nights per week in their trucks, this puts a high strain on the battery.
With conventional batteries, the high power drain of hotel functions can result in the truck not starting after the mandatory break. This causes unwanted and costly downtimes making reliable cold cranking power and a long service life all the more important.


Defying tough conditions.

The current trend toward end of frame installation at the back of the truck creates a big challenge for the batteries. Only the most vibration-resistant ones can withstand poor road conditions and rough terrain – conditions which long distance transports, construction and agricultural equipment are often subjected to. Tests show that five out of six selected batteries are not sufficiently vibration resistant.

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