You expect full power every time. We provide the energy you need – thanks to our Stamped Grid Technology. This unique technology consistently delivers superior performance. The grid produced under this technology is more corrosion-resistant and delivers more cranking power than other grid designs.

But there is even more: a precise manufacturing process to have exact patterns for consistent results whenever needed. Unlike conventional battery grids, the Stamped Grid Technology forms from a single sheet to have a precisely rolled and stamped metal.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process uses less energy than other grid manufacturing methods. This results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions – for a cleaner and safer environment.

  1. Stamped Grid Technology
  2. Positive plate
  3. Positive plate enveloped in separator
  4. Negative grid
  5. Negative plate
  6. Negative plate set
  7. Positive plate set
  8. Plate block
  9. Thicker, more robust case and lid
  10. Plug with pressure safety valves and lid with single point venting

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